mai-reverie said: too short so water hits face first

That 5 foot 3 struggle

Wash implies soap sooo I wash my neck first

*braves idol training/schedules/challenges to get that idol foreign language education*



I’m not in the mood to post very much right now, anyone want to play a game? Or an askbox thing?

Me: I need to focus on writing this love story…I’ll put on some music to listen to in the background

*BTS Cypher Pt3 plays loudly”

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I’ve had this for a while but I never answered.

1. First thing you wash in the shower?

My neck. What side of my neck I wash changes.

15. If you could be a superhero, who would you want to be?

I really like Batman. I think to be able to simply outsmart my opponents to defeat them is cool. Plus really cool gadgets and nearly no powers to have crippling weaknesses to.

17. Do you bite your ice cream or just lick it?

Lickitung. Lickilicky. I have sensitive teeth actually, so even if I did bite my ice cream I wouldn’t be able to handle it. OTL

43. Whom do you admire and why?

I really admire my older sister. She’s all the things I wish I could be and she does all sorts of things I wish I could do. She’s confident, smart, talented, social, witty, funny, outgoing, thoughtful and kind hearted. As a female she’s my role model. I just think she is amazing. I feel like within a family people admire one or both of their parents but honestly I’ve always admired my sister above all.

…This might seem extra and obviously kpop fangirl of me, but i also really admire Bang Yongguk. I admire how he pushes toward a dream he’s had since his school years. He is really passionate about what he loves, music, and in order to reach his dream he is willing to become an idol, something he probably didn’t agree with. He is a warm, kind, considerate leader and person. He is selfless; he cares so much about so many problems outside of his own. He is a UNICEF ambassador, he fosters children in countries that are less fortunate, he donates money he earns to charities, and he really wants to change the world. He is also well rounded, with knowledge reaching past the cultural confines of his life in South Korea, and he’s well read. He knows so much about the world around him. He is a worldly and kind person, and I wish I could be like him.

Between my two most admired people, if I could be like them in one body, I’d be nearly perfect in my eyes.

I feel like this escalated a bit

Made connections to Stress Come On! and Boy in Luv amongst other kpop references during Day 2 of my freshman orientation presentations today

Waking up to the opening of Hiphop Lover like a boss

Become the main subject of your life that has always been suppressed
—J-Hope - “No More Dream” (via dyonamja)