I started watching My Love From Another Star.Too many feels in the first 10 minutes. And I can predict a lot of things. This gonna be good.

I was supposed to read, then start watching MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR but I just fell asleep instead ^^

Guess my body is really tired.

Can someone please gif the end if the latest B.A.P ATTACK! Episode because BYG is so done with the rest of them at that point and it’s great.


B.A.P watching the baseball game is too cute. Their tweets make me smile.

Remember when B.A.P was a rookie group?

So for our bangtan cover of We Are Bulletproof Pt2 I’m either J-Hope or Jimin (stripper).


Would it be better to record the concert with videos or pictures? Not sure how far I’ll be from the stage.

butterthenut said: Hmmm I think you have to order it from a certain place, and I’m not sure if it’s still available ;o; I believe they’d have more information on the website? I’m sorry I can’t be of much help!! My grandma did it for me + she’s not with me right now :c

You’re a lot of help, just answering my first post! What website are you talking about? And your grandma is amazing btw. ;)

butterthenut said: You can get them if you order their new album, and there’s 100 total. The select albums have them, so you have to buy an album to get the hi-touch c:

Thank you! I’m surprised they planned this far ahead. I wish I could do Hi-Touch but I haven’t gotten their album. Does it have to be ordered from Korea? Or…?